Pay it Forward: Utah Girls Love You, aka UGLY

(KUTV) A Utah woman knows what it’s like to be a single mom and is familiar with the hardships that come with it.

So she started the UGLY Foundation, which stands for “Utah Girls Love You.”

As part of the foundation, is a secondhand boutique called Ugly’s Closet located in Pleasant Grove.

“We have a variety of great quality, high quality end products in the store,” said Jazmine Edwards, founder and president of UGLY.

The store’s prices cater to single moms and others who may be struggling financially.

“We price everything at the prices I could afford when I was a single mom,” Edwards said.

Edwards has been a single mom, and has seen a lot of ups and downs.

“My background is, per se, ugly,” she said.

She was inspired to name her foundation UGLY after seeing the letters U, G, L, and Y as she drove home from Salt Lake to Provo every day. She knew once she saw that word, she would be home.

And now she wants to bring the significance of that word to the people she helps.

“There’s lots of ugly things that we are turning and making beautiful,” she said.

The goal of the foundation is to help single moms, single dads, veterans, homeless, and anyone who is struggling to get back on their feet.

“Just that confidence building and saying that there is somebody, we can do it,” Edwards said.

In Ugly’s Closet, they will help moms make a list of what they need and make sure those needs are met. They also help them get outfits for them and their children.

“Our single moms have the first option to all things that come into the store,” Edwards said.

UGLY also offers classes like budgeting and car care.

“We feel that education is 100% key,” said Edwards.

Edwards wants UGLY to be a judge-free zone that will help anyone in need.

“We don’t care about the background, or how come, or why for,” she said. “We want to get you to the next step of why you can.”

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help UGLY’s cause.

Ugly’s Closet is always in need of donations of good quality clothes–for men, women, and children–as well as household items and anything else that is useful.

The foundation could also use is help with storage, either with a trailer or shed.

If you want more information, or want to help in any way, you can visit UGLY’s website or Facebook page.

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